Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Washington D.C. Pt. 4

Our primary objective in going to visit DC was to take engagement photos for Michael's beloved cousin, Amanda, and her fiance Dustin. We spent our three evenings there visiting with Amanda, and one night we had a picnic at Great Fall National Park. Whoever would have imagined such a natural wonder right there next to the city? I admit I was totally shocked by the majestic falls, they were so much more beautiful than I'd thought possible on the Potomac (which seems otherwise like a lovely but rather lazy river.)
Strangely, while we were there our children managed to have a major bodily-excretions breakdown. Zoe peed out of her diaper twice, Jed's diet of fries finally got to him and after two or three frantic runs to find a porta-potty he didn't make it and pooped his pants a little bit ("MOM, next time DAD has to take me because you do NOT run fast enough!" Um, sorry Jed, it's all my fault.), then Zoe fell flat on her face and got a most impressive nosebleed. By the end of the evening, the fiances were completely smeared in every possible bodily fluid our children could provide and we fear they may not ever choose to reproduce. But hey, at least the kids were well behaved in-between crises, right?

Saturday morning Michael shot the cutest engagements of Amanda and Dustin. Now she just needs to check her email and see them so then I can post them up here.

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