Monday, May 23, 2011

Washington D.C. Pt. 3

After spending five or six hours at the Air and Space museum, which though plenty of fun for big kids isn't so entertaining for the tinies, we spent the rest of the afternoon at a neat little park I found online. A community group designed this park for young children and disabled kids, and it shows. We couldn't have found a more perfect spot for Jed and Zoe to go nuts and get their wiggles out!

After seeing all the big planes at the museum, they loved having their own little planes.

Even big momma got in on the action.

Jed and Zoe's favorite: the little red car. Jed still talks about it.

Jed loves to help Zoe, he's her little caretaker. He must have helped her in and out of this car three dozen times. I love how solicitous and thoughtful he can be toward his sister. He definitely takes after his Daddy.


T said...

He reminds me of Austin. He is always the knight in shining armor to Savannah's damsel in distress.

NessaAnn said...

Such sweet big brothers! I have noticed how thoughtful and kind Austin is towards his siblings. I am still floored by how they come that way. I guess we were just lucky to have such wonderful little men for our firsts!

MomAlicia said...

Such a sweet, beautiful, and happy little family. All thanks to extraordinarily good parents;o) And Vanessa you look BEAUTIFUL! All this talk about how big you are is nonsense. You look wonderful as always, and I'm sure Micheal will agree with me....right Micheal;o)