Sunday, May 1, 2011

Even When He Whines....

...he's the best kid ever.

This morning Jed threw a minor fit when he discovered we were having oatmeal for breakfast. For context, he loves oatmeal every other day of the year.

"I hate that kind of breakfast," he complained sulkily, "I like CEREAL."

"This is cereal," I said, "and you love hot cereal with milk and honey!"

"No, I hate hot cereal. I want the crunchy kind." (The lip sticks out at this point, and my eyes roll.)

"What crunchy kind? Where did you see that?" (See what kind of repressive mother I am? My children so far have been brainwashed into thinking cold cereal is only for dads and grandparents.)

"At the store." (Dang sample lady.)

I think. I have some REALLY old bran flakes in the cupboard. Those will do. I don't feel like a war of wills on a tired, sick, and pregnant Sunday morning with Dad gone and a long day of Primary ahead of me. Jed agrees on bran flakes and milk. I set it down in front of him, then liberally douse my own oatmeal with honey and milk. YUM!

He looks at me.

"I want honey."

"No, honey goes on hot cereal. Remember? You said you wanted cold cereal."

He thinks.

"I don't like hot cereal. It's too hot."

"Not when you put milk on it! Yum!"

He stares, thinks.

"I want hot cereal now."

"Well, what will we do with your cold cereal that you just put milk on? You know I hate to throw away food."

I start to think maybe I will just throw the dumb flakes away and get back to regular breakfast. Just as I'm about to extend mercy...he sighs and looks down. "I guess I will eat it and THEN I can have some hot cereal with honey?"

Er? Um? OK! "Absolutely."

He perks up amazingly. "OK! Can I have a spoon?"

He eats cheerily. "I need to eat up every little crumb before I can have some hot cereal with honey, right?"

"Um, sure!" This is going quite well, I'm thinking to myself, as he continues to extend rules to himself before he can have his honey. After a few minutes of eating, he turns to me. "Mom, I ate the very last tiniest bit. I'm all done!"

"OK, let me get you that oatmeal!"

He watches me scoop it up. "Hey, Mom?"


"I'm sorry I was whining and complaining. I like my oatmeal now."

"Thank you for apologizing, Jed. That makes me feel good inside."

"Thanks, Mom. I love you, too, Mom."

Awwwww! I love YOU, Jed! Guess who got extra honey?


Eric Dowdle said...

Ok, that's ridiculous. He must secretly be a tiny, over-serious axe murderer.

MomAlicia said...

Okay Vanessa, will you please write a book because I want to read it. This is the best story I've heard in a long time. You made me cry, but I've just spent two days of stake conference hosting a General Authority so I'm pretty weepy and tender anyway. Love you guys. Keep 'em coming!

Elise said...

Holy cow. I need you to come parent my children apparently. Our days are full of whining and eye-rolling.

Jean said...