Friday, August 1, 2014

Canning peaches with Zoe

I felt a little overwhelmed this morning gazing at my 50 pounds of peaches on the kitchen counter. My original plan was to can them with a friend this afternoon, but now that Jed was busy barfing in the bedroom I knew that plan was out. I felt tired. I didn't want to do it all by myself! Ugh. But I slowly got things out and started blanching.  After about twenty tired minutes, though, this little beauty showed up at my elbow with a chipper offer of help. 
She pulled up a stool and soon we were working elbow to elbow peeling and chopping as Zoe cheerily kept up conversation. Turns out five year olds are perfectly capable of peeling peaches. So fast mom couldn't keep up! 
At some point I realized, midway through a new tale about her amazing snake ("She kills lightning! That's because she can fly really fast and high! She hates loud noises. She attacks my enemies when I am scared! My only enemies are spiders. She is taller than my arm! She is taller than me! She can kill trees! Actually she lives in trees!") that I was really having a great time. Time was flying by and we finished our batch giggling and chatting together. Turns out this little woman is great company. 

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