Monday, August 11, 2014

Zoe's BIG bubble party

This year, since we didn't go to Montana for the month of July like we usually do, Zoe got to have her first "friends" birthday party.  Talk about excitement!  We settled on a "slip 'n slide and bubbles" theme.  All the girls wore their swimsuits and the whole party was in the backyard.

As has become customary, we had a birthday pan"CAKE" breakfast with all her friends.  Everyone gets a candle and enough insanely sugary toppings to make any child's heart beat faster. "WHAT?!  I get CHOCOLATE SAUCE on my pancake?!"  
 This was the first time we've ever filled up our ginormous picnic table.  I guess Michael did know what he was doing when he made it like 10 feet long.
 Then opening presents with "hot potato."
 Happy birthday girl with chocolate mouth wearing her "champion" swimsuit.
 Big belly mom with giant 2yo brother.
 I expected the slip 'n slide to be the hit of the party, but I have to say the giant bubbles were a HUGE success!  Look at these monsters Savannah was making!
 I had to make more and more bubble wands because all the kids wanted in on the fun. The little ones just enjoyed chasing them around and popping them.
 Look what Jed caught!
I love these simple birthday parties. I like morning parties, I like pancakes, I like kids outside, I liked that there was practically zero cleanup and that all the little ones went home with giant smiles on their faces. Zoe declared it the "best birthday party EVER, Mom!" Success!

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