Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zoe's Birthday

We had a quiet at-home Sunday party on Zoe's actual birthday.  At her request, we made a fluffy pink princess cake.  She helped decorate it and couldn't stop squealing and gazing joyfully at it all evening.
 Blow out the candles, Zoe!
 And of course licking off the princess.
Since we didn't have any family available that evening, Zoe was totally on board with having our friends the Woods and their two boys over for her very feminine party.  Because she is the coolest kid ever.
A giant pile of presents ready to be opened.
Jed had been shopping garage sales for weeks and weeks to get Zoe just the perfect gift.  He spied this little stuffed white unicorn, which Zoe is insanely wonderfully crazy over. Jed is just like his dad, he is an AWESOME gift giver.  He earns all his own money for chores and spends a ton of time looking for just the right thing that will make his sister or brother happy.  He is such a cool kid!  And look at Zoe's happy face!
I bought Zoe puppies.  
 She liked them!

 The theme of most of her gifts, however, was her BIG gift, which was a complete rearranging of our bedrooms and now she gets the top bunk in a room with Zane. Jed and I found a bunch of darling pillows for her bed.  Her Great-grandma Janete sent her some super cute girly Minnie-mouse sheets.  The pillows were a HUGE HUGE hit.  I am pleased to say that I think I spent three dollars on Zoe's birthday this year.  Thank you garage sales.
 This is actually a sweet little book for Baby Van, sent from Granny Zo'An, but everyone loved it so much already.

 A baby doll from Granny and Poppa.  Zoe squealed "She has brown eyes just like me!!!" when she opened her up.  She named her baby Isabelle and carts her around everywhere.
 I didn't get photos, but Zoe also got a darling "first princess" Belle doll from her Auntie Lisa and she has been so happy with these two new dollies! This little girl has a strong maternal streak and it makes her mommy proud.

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