Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Am Pregnant

In case you didn't pick up on this earlier, I am pregnant.
Here is me at 33 weeks.  My belly is gigantic, still measuring about two weeks big, but I feel grateful this last few months I have been feeling great.  I haven't gained too much weight, probably thanks to daily swimming controlling the swelling this summer, thank you neighborhood pools! I am generally sleeping better this time around than any of my other pregnancies, too, for which I am very, very grateful. 

All of my kids have had distinctive personalities in the womb.  Little Van is no exception. This is the squirmiest baby ever.  He moves and wiggles and kicks and punches constantly!  I love it! At his 20wk ultrasound the tech kept laughing because she couldn't get a shot of his head.  She said she had never had a baby so wiggly that she literally couldn't get a lock on him, it took about a dozen tries.  So it sounds like I'm going to be a very busy mom in about a year.

All the kids are NUTS about Baby Van! Especially Zane.  He probably talks about the baby thirty times a day, and is constantly running up to hug and kiss my belly. Zoe already has vast plans about how she will be babysitting once the baby comes.  Jed is excited to share a room with the baby once he is grown enough.

And a gratuitous matching shot because we are so cute together.

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Ali Howell said...

You look beautiful! I am so happy to see your beautiful growing family! My baby, number 4, is about to start kindergarten, where has the time gone? Love to you and yours!