Saturday, August 2, 2008

Becoming Famous

While riding on my wave of excitement at being quoted at blogher yesterday, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on becoming famous. As I see it, there are several ways of becoming famous on the internet.

1) Jumping on a bandwagon. Or a soapbox. Find some topic and just go nuts over it and everyday put all sorts of crazy stuff about that topic and start posting on other people's blogs about that topic and soon you're all interlinked and wah lah you are famous.

2) Be a Mormon related to half the state of Utah. Too bad this doesn't work in our case. We need more relatives.

3) Porn. We have learned this through an amusing recent experience. Usually we can check our feedjit and see that we get probably, oh, three hits an hour. Or less. But the other day, right after Michael put up the hog wrestling photos, we noticed that our stats were going NUTS! I mean, we were having some random person from Slovenia or Peru hitting here every TEN SECONDS! What the heck! Michael commented on this and then I noticed the title of his most recent post: "Find the Third Girl." Well, my darling darling clean minded spouse, that answers the question of why we are getting so many hits. So we renamed it something else entirely avoiding any references to multiple females annd.... nobody hit on us for an hour. Oh well. Our brief brush with fame turned to dust. All I can say is there were some pretty horribly disappointed dirty old Eastern European men that afternoon. hahahahahahahahahaha!

PS - Hey, look, I used the p*** word above. Wonder how many hits we'll get on THIS ONE? You sickos!


Brooke said...

Gosh 3 hits an hour sounds pretty famous to me :)

Get this, I've gotten THREE hits in the past week or so from the search "muskrat wikipedia", lol. They are from 3 different locations... strange that muskrats are googled so often!

NessaAnn said...

Yeah, well, maybe 3 hits an hour is a little hopeful. That's when things are humming along. It's probably more like one hit an hour when you even it out. Ohwell.

I wish I had used the term "salacious" in this entry. Next time.