Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Joyful Anniversary (warning: may be sappy)

Today we celebrate THREE fantastic years of marriage! Seven job changes, two graduations, five moves, three pot bellies and one child later, we're happier than ever. Life seems idyllic here, in our own little home nestled beneath the trees. The best moment of the day is always when Jed comes running through the kitchen, a HUGE smile on his face because Daddy is home! Michael peeks through the door window and makes faces, much gratified by the cries of "Hi! Da'ee! Hi! Da'ee!" He comes in and I throw my arms around him and life just seems better than possible. We may both be a little less fit and gray around the edges, I probably smell like sweat and garden, Jed has food, snot and mud smeared all over him, Michael looks exhausted and worn out, but somehow none of that matters at 5:15 PM. We are the luckiest family on earth. The Lord has taken us places we never expected, and blessed us beyond belief. Thanks for three great years, Darling Husband. I love you more than ever! Happy Anniversary.


Eric Dowdle said...

Holy Toledo! Three years!

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary!!! It's so wonderful to be that happy.

MKShelley said...

Oh that sounds so good. I wish our life were simple right now.

Instead, we have 3 jobs between us, 2 kids who we have no time to see =(, and school to finish.

But I know that in 2 years, life will be good again.

No part of my life can compare in goodness to the year we spent in Indiana. That was by far the happiest year of my life. I will always love Indiana.