Monday, August 4, 2008

Breakfast with Jed

This morning I made myself a banana orange green smoothie. I offered some to Jed in his little suction cup bowl. Usually smoothie+suctioncupbowl+spoon=babyjoy but today he screwed up his little face in an expression that said, "Yuck, Mom I do NOT want to eat that for breakfast!" He tried to shove it away. I grabbed it before I broke the suction loose.

I grabbed a piece of bread I had out and put some peanut butter on it and slapped it in front of him. More screwing up of lips and waving of hands. So I took off the tray.

Finally, being the generous soul I am, I grabbed a bowl of applesauce left over from a late morning snack yesterday and stuck it in front of him. Ew! Yuck! Get it away!

Annoyed, I took all three and shoved them on the tray with the friendly but firm order "Eat, child!" He pointed forlornly at the ground. OHhhhhh, his truck, of course, we can't eat without the truck. So at last, with a breakfast buffet to choose from and a trusty truck in one hand and a baby spoon in the other, he let out a happy sigh of baby joy and dug in. Within moments, peanut butter, smoothie, and applesauce caked every square centimeter of exposed skin, and all was well with the world.


Brooke said...

Not fair! Those suction bowls never worked for us... the kid (Hannah??) would just yank until the suction broke and toss it to the floor... I was just sure they would be the best invention ever :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy breakfast, better than mine. Will you give your father the recipe?

NessaAnn said...

Yeah, the suction cup bowls aren't the universal panacea for messy kitchen. Jed pulls his up and throws it, too. But it does help him as he tries to learn to use a spoon, the bowl doesn't move around so much. And it is something of a deterrent to the usual mess making. I love my suction bowls because they have tight lids, so they double as tupperware. I can take them to the church and suction them to a chair or to the floor and let him wander back and forth for snacks.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Mike & family! I found you on blogger - and you have SO many of our Hingham stake friends. My blog roll is going to be outrageous. Yikes!
Jed is so cute. Great job! It will be fun to catch up on your family. Feel free to come on over to our blog!

Kim (Meyers) Kruchek

Kim said...

...Loved your carseat story by the way. We almost lost one in Ukraine once. Fortunately I was adamant enough (and probably looked haggard enough) that they took my husband over to baggage (which was technically not allowed because of customs/borders etc.) and he managed to find it. *sigh* I hate flying.