Tuesday, February 10, 2009

True Love - Part 3

True love is a man who smacks his lips after every meal and heartily proclaims the food fantastic, no matter how slapdash or unrecognizable it may be.

True love is a man who climbs out on the roof on a cold, dark, rainy evening to clean out our gutters before the rain.

True love is a car returned with a full gas tank.

True love is honking car sounds from my son's bedroom. Baritone, so I know they're dad's.

True love is flowers and a party to celebrate my birthday, made up a week and a half late just because he wants me to feel loved.

True love is the dishes done last night after I emerged a long sick-kid bedtime struggle.

True love is the garbage cans brought in every week, even though it kind of is my job.

True love is a man who goes to work every single day with a smile on his face, even though the day ahead might be long and un-fun.

True love is when a man sacrifices his dreams for his family.

True love is laying together on the bed, little boy between us, kicking baby within me, and sunshine streaming in through the window.

True love is when I find an arm snug around me at 3 AM.

True love is a man who spends his entire precious weekend cutting up wood and cleaning other people's yards because they can't do it alone.

True love is willing watches chick flicks with me. For the seventh time.

True love is when he comes home to a filthy house and a cranky kid and a sick wife and no good dinner and still tells me I'm the best mom in the world.

True love is a guy who pretends not to mind when his wife banishes the TV to the unheated basement.

True love is finding a piano in my living room one morning.

True love patiently looks for his wife's phone even though he's late for work.

True love is my Michael, true blue through and through. I know he'll love me and take care of me forever.


leah said...

It is so nice to have true love. Can you imagine being married to the absolute wrong person. It would be living hell. Congrats on the baby coming and happy birthday.

Jodi said...

TO wonderful husbands!

Jan said...

Like father, like son.

Mike and Emily said...

Yeah....he's a really good guy. I like him lots and lots.

danje said...

that's just a really sweet, wonderufl post. all you stanfills are really great people. i'm glad you are allokay after the ice storm too.

MomAlicia said...

Oh Vanessa, you made me cry. You both do. Except I don't think he gave up his dreams for his family, I think you are his dreams.