Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Love - Part 4

Alicia's comment on my last True Love post made me want to clarify. It's true, my husband has sacrificed his dreams of a glamorous big-city photographer lifestyle for our family, but he never, ever makes me feel it. He never laments or complains, he always makes Jed and me feel like a million bucks and better than New York City anyway. We are partners, we chose this life together, and, gosh darn it, we like it.

Funny, because on the way home from a hot date to Autozone tonight, Michael brought up Alicia's comment. Our conversation went something like this:

Michael: I thought Alicia's comment on the blog was really true. You are my dream!

Me: Yeah, she was right. (smiling) You're my dream, too, True Love.

Michael: Well, actually, in my dream it's you and me driving in a Lotus.

Me: Oooo. (thinks) But where is Jed? In the trunk?

Michael: No, we're in the new 4-seater Lotus coming out.

Me: Oh, perfect, so Jed and Baby Z can ride in the back! But what about our other 3 children? Or have you not dreamed about them yet.

Michael: (Frowns) Ok, so I'm dreaming of the future Lotus 7-seater mini-van. Sheesh.

Yep, my true love, he's a dreamer.

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a Tom said...

That's awesome. How come I can picture that conversation so well?