Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dowdle Family

This year for Christmas, since our little family has expanded, my family came all the way across the Mississippi (you know mom hates that!) to come visit US for Christmas! What fun! Well, "post" Christmas, really. They came on Christmas Day and left on New Years, the two cheapest dates of the season :) We ended up having a shared family Christmas -- the Stanfills graciously welcomed my parents and brother into their family for the holiday festivities.
Most of our time was spent gorging ourselves on rich consumables. Over the holiday, we roughly calculated, we all consumed 13 pounds of butter and a gallon and a half of cream. Pretty great holiday festivating, I'd say, with those kinds of numbers.
Zoe, of course, was totally neglected. I love to watch my mommy lavish love upon her namesake.

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