Friday, January 8, 2010

Singing Jed

Before every meal, we sing the Johnny Appleseed song. Just like I did growing up. This is sidewards because it was taken very surreptitiously, so as to avoid distraction.
It helps Jed transition to the prayer and he loves it. You can see him fold his arms at the very end and instruct dad to fold his arms too for the prayer. Over the holiday, whenever we prayed at Grandma's house he would scold family members who just went ahead and prayed WITHOUT THE SONG!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! The apple seed song. I love it!

C Tam said...

I remember learning that song as a kid. Mind if I borrow your tradition for my own little family?

Michelle @ One of a Kind Wisconsin said...

Just blog hoping along... your family is precious. My children get upset if the prayer is not the Lutheran table prayer. I think they like the consistency and it is almost like a song or rhyming verse.