Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News Flash

There's much to be said, but I never seem to have more than one hand free these days. So a few news flashes for your entertainment:

- Jed has been wearing pants, sans diaper, for TWO DAYS now with only one accident. This seems extremely promising and we may actually venture out of the house. Also, I ran out of marshmallows today but he still pooped so that's good, right?

- I am now Primary President. I successfully navigated my first Sunday as President alone, with Zoe strapped to my back through two hours of conducting and sharing time. She didn't make a peep and even took a nap for about an hour. I felt like a pioneer woman. I also have the best counselors and secretary in the whole world so that helps.

- Two weeks ago, Zoe had only rolled over like three times EVER and showed no interest in any sort of mobility. Two days ago she started scooting around on her belly and sitting up on her own. Aaaaaaaaaaa! Also, two impending teeth.

- Michael got an A in his programming logic lass so now he's diving headfirst into Java. He's feeling the Master's Degree Itch and this is his last prerequisite. Woo-hoo, that's my man!

- Our Christmas Tree is still up and I don't feel bad about it. I flaunt my lights every night. Who says Christmas has to end. Jed still asks for presents every day.

- My bestest Christmas gift ever, A DISHWASHER INSTALLATION, should be complete tomorrow. Hallelujah! Note I said the "installation", because I am very proud of the fact that I got the nearly new dishwasher itself for free almost a year and a half ago. For Christmas, Michael and his parents got me the accompanying garbage disposal and cabinet/electric/plumbing. My chapped hands and I can't wait.

- Michael got a subwoofer. He put it in the basement and now he likes to turn it on and bound up the stairs with a huge goofy grin on his face as the foundation crumbles. Ahhh, foot massage!


Jan said...

Yeah, for everyone!

Tessie said...

I love this whole post. I love that going poop, dish washers, pioneers and crumbling foundations bring so much joy to you. You are one in a million, I'm so glad to call you my friend. :)

Mike and Emily said...

I love all the updates. Is it possible that all that has happened since we left? I can just see Michael and his goofy grin. Stanfill men! Oye!

C Tam said...

What is it about baby wearing that brings out the pioneer feeling? The other day I walked to Home Depot with Little in my bjorn and started humming "Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked and Walked and Walked...."

MomAlicia said...

Yay, yay, yay! Sounds like life is really GOOD at your house. Keep it up, we love you kids;o)