Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safe Zone

We live in a hotbed of front-running journalism. Danger everywhere. This from a recent local newspaper:

Wild hog population small, poses little risk to Warrick, says officer

— Wild hogs that are becoming a menace in many states are not a big problem in Warrick County.

That's the word from Indiana conservation officer Gordon Wood, who lives in Lynnville and is assigned to Warrick and Spencer counties.

"I don't remember handling a complaint about the wild hogs in the last two years," Wood said. "I can't give a good estimate, but I'd say there are fewer than 50 in Warrick County. The best place to find them is around the old Tecumseh Coal Mine near Interstate 64."

Hunters, Wood noted, have helped keep the numbers down.

"They use box traps pretty successfully against them," Wood said. "You might have a guy who is after deer, but shoots a wild hog when he sees it. They field dress it and use the meat for sausage."

Wildlife experts say there are between 2 million and 6 million feral pigs in the country. In 1982, the animals were documented in 17 states. Today, they are found in 44. Adult wild pigs can weigh more than 500 pounds.

"They're nocturnal and very good about not being spotted," Wood said. "I've only seen them two or three times after dark."

He believes the animals were trapped elsewhere and brought to this corner of Southern Indiana.


Jan said...

Feral pigs? I will be more careful when I go out at night. Who knew?

Brooke said...

When I worked in rural Oklahoma, the kids all talked about how fun hunting wild hogs was... At first, I thought they were joking. Silly, city girl that I am had no idea ;)