Friday, February 23, 2007

Three Weeks Old

We love to listen to Baby Jed cry. Heartless parents that we are, we think it is ADORABLE! Well, at least before midnight. One of our favorite cries is when he starts to hyperventilate and turns violent red. He screws up his little face and opens his mouth wide and just as you're expecting the world's loudest most awful tortured cry.... *aah!* One strangled little split-second squawk and then he passes out, blissfully asleep, in our arms.

And then we have our happy boy back again.

Yesterday Mommy gave Baby his second bath. And it was a success! I used a different baby bather that sits in the tub and soaks up water. I filled the tub nice and warm, set him down, and his little arms unfolded, feet waved in the water, he peacefully looked up with a generally pleased look on his face. I put a washcloth over his tummy, another over his head, and then used a little cup (improvised from the cap to my hair mousse) to pour warm water over all his body parts. He loved it! We sat there quietly playing in the water for twenty minutes or so until his eyes started to half-mast and soon he was dead asleep. Afterward, I bundled him up and we took a looooooong nap. Here's our little angel all bundled up in his blankie, gazing out the window.


leah said...

hey he is darling. congrats. its the greatest thing to be a mom - i love it. our little guy was born in dec. you can see our blog if you so desire.
i am so happy for you congrats.

Shan said...

This picture is my fave. He is such a cutie! And you capture the moments so well. (There's some of that validation for ya ;) Did you know I have a little boy too? I'm glad you wrote on Nauvoo Newsletter. Congrats!
Shan(Sis. Cox)