Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nicknames and New Photos

New nickname for Jed: no longer is he "Baby Boo" but Michael has officially retitled him as "Squirt." Michael is the professional diaper changer of the family and, well, I imagine the name pretty much explains itself.
I, on the other hand, have started calling him my little "snugglebug" because he is SO snuggly! He's been sleeping in bed with us because I just can't put all that cuteness down, plus it makes night feedings so much easier. Last night I set him about a foot away from me because it was hot and he's a little heat machine. We turned the lights out. Within a few moments, I started to feel him kicking and wiggling about. Not fussing, but some kind of crazy movement going on over there. Soon I felt little feet kicking at my stomach. Then hands. Within a few minutes, he was completely pressed against me, snuggled in tight to his mommy. He didn't want to be so far away, he wants full body contact all the time! Sweet little thing.
I used to be known by the nickname "NessaAnn"--but now I have a new moniker, "BessahAnn" because I'm essentially little more than a milk-makin' animal! Baby Jed should be getting REALLY chubby any day now judging by the sheer quantity of milk consumption going into that little body. Truly astonishing.

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Anonymous said...

hey stanfill familia-we have left ya messages.When do we get to see our angel? we cant wait ....lov ya he is so beautiful.....

The Ruiz Familia