Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two Jeds

Vanessa has been learning how to use the Canon. She is quite good!

Michael Jed and Perry Jed

Morning cuddle time

Jed is discovering that he has hands with which to dig his Daddy's eyeballs out!

I caught my two boys with matching yawns. Jed's taking after his Dad already.


Gary said...

I love the pictures of the "two Jeds", you're great with the camera Ness... Mom

Emily said...

These pictures remind me of the ones of papa and you in bed. Nice generational connection! They're lovely! Keep posting!!!

leah said...

he is darling. i love the black and white pics. one of my fav things. I should try to do some a little more.

Anneke said...

Dang you're a good little photograhper. I like the "two Jeds." I was gonna save it on my computer purposes... I promise I'm not sweet on your husband.