Friday, February 23, 2007

More Comments! We Love Comments!

This is a shameless plea for more comments! I find them ridiculously gratifying and motivational, too. It's a lot more fun to post stories and photos when we know that other people are reading them!

For those who are yet uninitiated into the world of blog commentary, at the bottom of each post there's a little note that states how many comments that post has. Click on the note and you'll find the window with comments from people who have seen our blog... and a place for you to add your own!



SStanfill said...

OK I'll take the bait! We love your pictures and our new grandson! We sure love seeing picutres since we're marooned out here in the Midwest! But we will see you the end of March. We are so looking forward to it.

Keep the pictures coming!


Anneke said...
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Anneke said...

Shameless, shameless.

I'll trade you. I'll make obscene amounts of comments here and you can read my CrazySpinsterBlog

Love you

brightonwoman said...

I check my friends' blogs several times a week...I don't always comment, but I can't resist chippin in my two cents now and then! I am reading though, really! It's fun to see what Jed is doing since S is only a couple of weeks older...