Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The News from Kentucky

(Taken from today's Courier Press Newspaper, of Evansville, IN)

"A fatal traffic accident in Ohio County, Kentucky.
(Editor's note: This is not a full sentence.)

It happened when a vehicle slammed into a bridge culvert on Highway 69 between Fordsville and Hawesville.

Highway officials say the crash took out much of the railing but the culvert is structurally sound. No word yet if the crash was weather related."

(Some guy died...
but don't worry, folks, the culvert's fine!)

I love living here.


Ali Howell said...

That is so sad...i sure hope the mans family is glad to hear that the bridge will be alright! Who ever hired that person needs to rethink their decision...and the editor of the paper...needs to go back to school!
that is just odd!

NessaAnn said...

Ah, Ali, you are so compassionate. My response was to laugh until I snorted my hot cereal! Yeah, news in the upper south isn't quite so, um, professional. Although I will say their weather prediction is astonishingly fantastic.

Ali Howell said...

don't compassionate as i am, my tone was mostly sarcastic. Sad translates to pathetic...and i'm secretly picturing the company christmas party! I guess i've been watching too much 30 rock...that would have made their headlines! I guess living in a suburb of a big city, our news is a little more, well...more tragedy without the tinge of humor!

Ali Howell said...

oh...and can i say we tried your yam and black bean burritos...FABULOUS! Who knew yams were created for the sole reason of being put in burritos! (yes they have other purposes...but none compare to putting it in a tortilla with sour cream and salsa! It was a bit hit!!! Thanx...maybe i should be a spell checker for that paper!!

Eric Dowdle said...

I realize this is COMPLETELY off topic, but have you checked out REALLY cool website for scripture study. I know the guy who's in charge of it and he's great.

NessaAnn said...

Ali! Your family does so many fun things like us... I wish we could be crazy together! I'm so glad you have been converted to the truth and joy of sweet potato burritos. SO GOOD! Yee hah!

NessaAnn said...

I checked it out. Pretty cool. How does he plan to keep the antis down, though? Looks like they're already going nuts over there.

Ali Howell said...

I would LOVE to get together and play...i would even love to call and chat! your mom gave me your phone number over christmas...and somehow the small random piece of paper i wrote it on didn't make it through even a day or two...i think it may be enjoying it's bio-degrading with christmas bows, wrapping paper , tape and those horrible twisty ties made to keep "kids" toys from ever coming out of their boxes...purchased or not! it's too bad we live so too far apart...ever planning to come see washington dc? NYC? the liberty bell? Valley forge? You name it....we have free lodging!!!