Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twenty-first Century Bonding

Every morning at 8 AM sharp, baby Jed has a date. With my computer. As soon as the computer starts to make that trademark beep, he immediately crawls over, eyes eager, and stares up at the screen.

Because Mommy's computer, in Jed's mind, is actually Granny Zo'An.

Yep, my baby has bonded with my computer. Every morning Granny and Gampa Dowdle have a video chat with Jed, complete with hoots, growls, peekaboos, and giggles. And he LOVES it. I mean he totally eats it up.

The thing that scares me, though, is that, well, you can't really TELL it's Gampa. Their camera is so blurry that you can't much make out any details of their faces. And Jed loves it just as much when the video is off. He grunts and squeals and woowoos back at the computer anyway. I think he's truly convinced that his grandparents are, well, a computer.

I'm sure he'll need all sorts of counseling for this someday. But in the meantime, it's hilarious.


Brooke said...

That's so sweet that he gets to "see" them everyday! What program do you use? We've had the best luck using Skype.

NessaAnn said...

That's exactly what we use! It's fantastic! We're new to the whole idea as of just a week ago, so it's still all very exciting. My parents love it and so do we. Except every time I see my mom in her PJs I develop this irresistible craving for her pancakes.... which probably explains why we've had pancakes four times in the last week.

Ali Howell said...

Utah must have a vidoe chat illness! My parents can't get theirs to work either! So this week we taped a picture of them up on the computer screen so the kids could at least "see" who they were talking to! Maybe then jed would put grandma and gradpa's faces together with the voices so when they come visit he won't spend all day wondering why these strange people have stolen his grandparents voices from the computer!!

Brightonwoman said...

Hahahahaaa!! We use skype to talk to grandma and grandpa in China (on a mission). The sattelite upload time and them being so far away means there is a several second time delay in conversation. We tickle Bear to get him to giggle, and 10 seconds later (when he's back to playing) grandma says "oh, how cute!"