Friday, February 22, 2008

Photos Of the House (UPDATED)

The photos below were taken late at night and therefore don't really convey the feel of our house very well. One of my favorite things about it is all the natural sunlight, which is obviously lacking below. But it's a good start.

Jed checked the house out for us and gave it the A OK. Did I mention he has the cutest rump?
Michael and Jed, so incredibly good looking both of them.

The master bedroom. Lovely wood floors, huh? The whole upstairs has them though most of it is carpeted. Note the BLACK windows. What the heck? Who gets BLACK WINDOWS? I guess they were cheap. Really good quality, though, I will say that for them. The house feels really solid, no drafts at all. Nice storm windows and doors, too.

Bedroom number two.

Bedroom number three. Note that the bedrooms have closets. Closets have been surprisingly difficult to find in our price range. At least closets of any size. Turns out I've taken so much for granted my whole life. I just assumed that all homes had 1) closets, 2) dishwashers, and 3) garages. WRONG WRONG WRONG. At least for under a hundred grand! We feel lucky to end up with 1 1/2 of the aforementioned items (lots of big closets and a carport.)

Our gorgeous basement. AKA the Booze Room. Michael's already got his sledgehammer ready and waiting. Nice big room, though, 17'x31'. Lots of space for legos and trucks.

Workroom and utility room just off of basement living room.

The upstairs living room. Looks bigger and happier by daylight. Has a HUGE window just out of this shot. I love all the windows in our house! Lots of light!

The kitchen. Besides the very strange placement of the fridge (did they just FORGET to fit the fridge in the floorplan??!) I like the layout. Not so much the beaten silver hardware and grey/black/white spotted countertops. Eeck. I do love all the counterspace, though! This is one of the better kitchen layouts we've seen.

Standing in the kitchen looking into the dining room. Too bad it's carpeted. Sure Jed can take care of that, though. We'll have to rip it up in no time. Or put down tarps.

Hallway to the bedrooms. Not nearly so long and skinny as it looks.

And, at last, the bathroom! Needs some fresh caulk but it's structurally sound. Though I do wonder... wood trim on the shower window???

Pretty sweet, huh? I'm excited. Better photos forthcoming.


Eric Dowdle said...

That picture of Jed is fantastic!

Shiloh said...

So Happy for you guys!!! I love it! I'm so glad it has so much light too! I definetly want a house with lots of light when I grow up! :)

Jeni said...

Congrats on the offer being accepted. Owning your own home is really nice? Where in Ohio do you live?...we may go there in the next year or 2 to visit Jeni's grandparents. You can email back if you don't want to publish the name of the city.

Brooke said...

About the fridge. You never have to worry if your new, bigger fridge will fit!!!
Congrats! It looks great :)

VanSickles said...

Congrats on your new home, if you need any help ripping out carpets I can help. I'm a pro at taking staples out...

Ali Howell said...

YAY! how exciting...and you can use a sledge hammer and paint anything you want! Sounds like heaven! I especially like the sledge hammer part! knock something down for me!

Garth Tingey said...

They sell houses for less than $100K out there? In Anchorage you are lucky if you can find a patch of dirt upon which you could build a house for that much.